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Kitty Query's Journal
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Monday, June 18th, 2012
12:48 pm
Cat tree
Hi all,

I'm getting a cat tree from someone who already has a cat. She says the cat is almost never on it, but I'm a little worried about it smelling like another cat and my cats peeing all over it in response.


Thanks in advance!
Sunday, July 10th, 2011
2:39 pm
Lots of biting?
Hi all,

My 1 year old kitten (ok, I know she's technically an adult but it's hard to think of her as not a kitten) has been acting really aggressive with me lately. It doesn't seem playful. She sometimes will swat at me and not put her claws out and will nibble and it's obviously playful. But most of the time, it hurts, and I think she knows it. She will bite my hand very hard and I can feel her teeth literally grinding on the bone.

Has anyone had this with a 1 year old cat before? Is she just in a weird phase? Maybe I'm doing something to make her mad? (Like, locking her in my room while I'm gone and at night because otherwise she pees on all my roommate's stuff in the living room...) It will happen a lot when I'm just petting her, and it's not like I'm petting her in places she doesn't like, because I've petted her there before and she never bit me...

I'm confused. :(

Also, should I start doing the spray bottle thing? I didn't when I first got her (she was 5 months when I got her), so I feel like if I spray her now, she's too old and won't get it.

Any advice would be awesome.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
10:37 pm
Arrrgh, cat peeing on everything
So, my cat was peeing on my roommate's bed when he would leave the door to his room open, but she wasn't peeing on anything else. My roommate now leaves his door closed all the time, but she has started peeing on other things, too, like my comforter and now my roommate's leather couch. I took her to the vet, and she doesn't have any infections or anything, so I really don't know what's going on.

Any ideas about what I can do to stop her (I got some spray stuff that is supposed to deter cats from peeing on things, but it isn't working with her), and how to get a cat pee stain out of a leather couch safely?

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Since she's peeing mostly on my roommate's things and has only peed on my things a couple times, could it be that she just doesn't like the way my roommate smells? How do I get her to stop peeing on everything? Today I caught her in the act peeing on my roommate's blanket on the couch, and I yelled at her and she ran away. I think she knew I was mad.

And I wonder if she's protesting against something? Maybe she is sick of being cooped up in the apartment? She was undersocialized when I got her, so I'm afraid of letting her outside. I'm afraid she won't come back.

Any insight at all would be wonderful...
Friday, December 17th, 2010
8:57 pm
Roundworm, multiple cats, and humans?
My poor 2 year old Fiona has recently developed pica, trying to eat essentially everything including oatmeal, paper, plants, her litter, etc. We took a stool sample to the vet and found out that she has roundworms, which are probably eating her nutrients and causing her to be extra hungry/craving random things. We're getting her treated on Monday, but I have two questions:

1. I have a second cat, Eileen, who shares food dishes and litter boxes with Fiona. She probably has worms now, too, right, even though she has no symptoms? Should I deworm her as well just in case?
2. How likely is it that I could have or will get roundworms as well? I always wash my hands after scooping litter, but I don't always wash my hands after nuzzling or petting the kitties, and they sleep in the bed with me sometimes. They, as kitties do, also climb around all over. The litter also tracks around the house a little bit-- I vacuum, but I'm sure some small specks of the litter (not waste itself, just litter) might end up on my shoes, pants, etc, and maybe onto my hands without my realization. Do I need to go a human doctor, too, and check for worms? How would a doctor do that in a person with no symptoms?

Anyone have experiences with roundworm in their cats?
Monday, November 29th, 2010
9:06 am
Peeing everywhere...
Hi all - my kitten has been peeing on everything, even though she's litter box trained! At first it was just two things (a blanket and a cat bed) I had gotten from a friend who has a cat, so I thought maybe she smelled the other cat. But she peed on my bed last night while I was sleeping in it. I've had that blanket on my bed for a while, so I don't know why she would choose to pee on it now if it had to do with it smelling like another cat or something.

Any ideas? I really don't know what to do...
Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
9:14 am
Seems like success!
I want to share a control-of-biting story. My cat, Bean, has been a big biter since the day he found me in the cat shelter. Always living and exploring with his mouth! Ouch.

He gets so absorbed when about to bite it was hard to find a way to defuse him. I discovered that he really dislikes it when I blow air in his face. Doing this when he is is getting "set to bite" and he ceases and desists. Just being consistent with this for a few days and he's now self-censoring! I saw him thinking about it this morning, mouth open, and he shut his mouth and instead head butted my arm!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009
11:56 am
Cat pees everywhere but in the litterbox
I have a one year old cat called Ninja, she's an indoor cat, really sweet and affectionate from time to time but she has started a behaviour I can't tolerate...

When I got her as a kitten last autumn she was house-trained, she went to the litter box at all times. Around Christmas she suddenly began peeing EVERYWHERE but in the litter box - in my bed (I've lost count on how many times I've washed my sheets and duvets), in the sofa, on my mats, the mail I got when I was at work who lay on the floor...
Spring came and  I moved from my old apartment into another one, with a friend. Ninja behaved really good for the first two or three weeks, then she began peeing everywhere AGAIN. She has been like that until three weeks ago when I said to myself that there must come an end to this, so I called the vet to have her sterilized - just in case it was the hormones who made her do all this.
They went ahead and took away the womb and everything, meaning there's nothing that produces hormones anymore if I've understood correctly. She behaved like a real angel, until last weekend. My roomie came hom home from work, began to clean her room and while she was doing that Ninja jumped up and peed on her bed... After that she began this whole thing again, we had to wash our shoes because she peed on them, and this morning she peed on the clothes I wore last night that lay beside my bed.

I have tried a spray that's supposed to have that smell cats don't like - it didn't work, she peed on the things anyway. I clean the litterbox more thoroughly and change the sand often. I try to play with her and giver her affection as much as I can, plus right now I'm unemployed so I'm home all day and able to be with her. I let her sleep in my bed every night too...

Do you have ANY idea what I could do to make her stop?
If she doesn't stop I feel like I should give her away to someone who can have her outdoors (I live in the city, it's not possible for me), because I'm getting sick of having to watch her every move and to clean up after her...

Current Mood: frustrated
Friday, August 7th, 2009
10:07 am
Both of my cats were rescue cats from the humane society and we have always wondered about their past. one of them, blacky, we got when he was about 9-11 months old. he has an eye infection and was dehydrated and put on an IV. we have noticed from the start (we have had him about 3.5 years now) that he enjoys home improvement. we had to get some major work done in our kitchen about a month after we go him and we were worried about the cats home all day with the noise and people being in and out so i came home from work on my lunch to check in. it was so funny because blacky would be in the hallway with the guys eating their lunches and ty (my other older cat) was hiding under the bed.

i have been doing work in my bathroom which seems to be an on going job and yesterday i got out a screw driver to start some work and blacky jumped up and was all meowing and stuff. he sat on the toilet while i did painting, he sat on the tub when i was using the electric sander for 3 days and this morning i got out a spackle and he friggen ran into the washroom before me! he is sitting in there waiting for me right now. does this not seem odd to anyone? my other cat is so scared of anything (he hides when i get out the swifer, cries when i have a bath, and jumps when the phone rings - but i still love him). its like blacky was a handyman in his old life.
Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
8:54 pm
Four year old neutered male who's still a biter...
My cat Rocky(named for the raccoonish pattern on his tail) is in many ways a great, outgoing cat.But he's kind of volatile and when he's had enough petting or gets upset in some other way...frankly, he's a biter. (He also does not give many cues, such as tail-lashing, to tell us when he is tired of it the way other cats have.) Going outside more often has lessened the frequency of the incidents, and we kind of expected a few problems since he didn't get a lot of handling in his kittenhood, but that was six weeks out of four years, and my mother is allergic to the cat bites and is about ready to give up on him...could our cat really be mentally ill?
Monday, June 29th, 2009
5:30 pm
Longhair or Shorthair?
Hey everyone! I'm new to this group, and am moving into my own apartment and getting my own two kitties. (I currently live with my roommate's cats, but she's moving away to another state for work)

I have two little ones on hold for me (I'll go pick them up when they're old enough) and I'm wondering....

Are my kittens long haired or short haired? Can you tell by 1 week?

Their pictures are behind the cut: Read more...Collapse )

Thanks!! <3

x-posted to another cat community :)
Sunday, June 28th, 2009
11:57 pm
My cat is insane?
Honestly, I don't know if he literally is, though I am sure our fuzzy buddies [fubbies? buzzies?] but I have noticed a couple things with my cat, Hedwig, that are just odd.

The first one is the most "worrisome," and he's done this since he was a kitten. He takes the chasing-his-tail thing to a whole new level - with kicking, scratching and biting. He'll kick his head/face and bite at his paws, oftentimes he seems to get "upset" enough that he'll even yowl or growl. Something else I have noticed is that he gets this far-away look to his eyes [he has very alert, intelligent eyes, exactly the opposite to the adorable blank stare of my other cat] and it almost seems like he can't help it. I haven't approached a vet about it as to my knowledge he's never actually harmed himself - no bleeding, or missing toes, or hurt eyes from an errant foot. I have however noticed that this behavior seems to have increased as late. Still no injuries, but a change in it does make it more worrisome for me. My boyfriend has tested to see if he still has feeling in his lower end when this happens - as it certainly appears to be all out war of Front Vs. Back - by gently tickling his toes and he responds so he does have feeling. When he is in this "mood" he does seem more aggressive and is apt to attack you if you get too close or try to stop him. They are also more aggressive attacks than say, if he's being playfully bitey which he has a tendency toward.

The second thing may likely simply be "Cats are weird." Hedwig also tends to roam the house meowing - he's a talkative cat, anyway, but this is more of a sad/worried meow. I can tell the difference, I swear. I've noticed he has more of a tendency to do it when I'm not in the room, so this may be "Where are you Daddy?" thing, but it makes me wonder if something is up with his little noggin [well, combined with the above behavior] and that maybe he gets confused and frightened. This is oftentimes associated with him carrying around one of his toys, though I'm not sure if that's in any way significant [a comfort thing? or just regular weirdkitty behavior "Daddy look what I have look what I have look what I have play with me!"]

Haha, I feel like such a neurotic pet owner for the second one, but he just sounds so upset and it's such a different voice than what he usually uses I thought I might include it in light of my main concern.

Is his attacking himself possibly a sign of some sort of neurological issue? I found him and hand raised him from a few hours old, so I don't know if something could have ben "wrong" with him that I wasn't aware of, and the mother cat who had and abandoned him was. Should I simply not worry at all? [Edit] My question is also, "Is this vet time?" to possibly see if the self-attacks could be caused by something gettiing worse?

If anybody needs answers or clarification or what have you, I'll be happy to provide.
Saturday, June 27th, 2009
10:32 pm
Note from the moderator
Many thanks to sapphosdaughter for alerting me to the offensive image in the previous post.  The post and member have been removed.  This is certainly not a bestiality community and I apologize to those who had to see that image before it was deleted.  Please feel free to contact me anytime you find something of questionable content in this community!
1:27 pm
Possible eye problem?
Hi everyone. The cat that we adopted had kittens about a few weeks ago, and today I've noticed that one of them seems to have a problem with his eye. It's closed shut with a little gunk on it; I'm not sure if it's an infection of some sort or something that needs a little cleaning. Here's a picture under the cut to show what I mean.

Read more...Collapse )

Sunday, June 28th, 2009
7:45 am
Sky & Haze
Hi! My kitten Haze recovered full from her accident just over a month ago! She can see! She's out and about, being a normal kitty and having lots of fun. She and Sky never co-operate when it comes to taking pictures anymore, though. Always eyes closed or looking down, darn it! Thanks everyone for their good wishes for my Hazy. (:

Haze, just hanging round with my neighbour, Dawn ... Hazy loves to climb into bags and burrow round! June 2009
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Current Mood: awake
Friday, June 26th, 2009
5:29 pm
Need help on my cats
I have 2 cats that are foundlings. We got one (Nyx) out of the humane shelter at 9 months old and the other one (Amber) was slightly younger - we picked her up at an empty house a week later (couldn't just leave her there). they seemed litter trained so they either had good mothers or owners at some point.
Amber - here's her youtube video featuring her "fetch the ball" trick - is a little bizarre. Though she came back from the vet with a clean bill of health, it would appear she's slightly cross eyed.
And has no survival instinct because if it's on the floor, no matter what, she has to eat it or taste it. However her biggest issue is she doesn't understand punshiment. So let's say she's eating some carpet - if I swat her, yell, poke, push, or shove her, she doesn't acknowledge it. The squirt bottle generates interest along the lines of "How did you do that?" but she won't stop what she's doing. This goes for shredding couches, biting people after asking them to pet her, biting something to drag it down.
Her ears don't even flatten when I smack her and I hate smacking. Which is good since it hasn't done any good - I think I've spanked her 5 times since getting her in March. It's obviously ineffective.

Somehow both cats have gotten in their heads to claw the carpet under the door to my bedroom. The carpet in the past 2 weeks has become a wreck. At the rate of destruction, I will have to replace it in a month because they will get below the padding.
They want in or want to be fed (which is stupid because I once pointed where their food already was - next to them! And they ate quietly). Their bed has never been our room (the cats are both clutzy. Before getting Amber, Nyx typically fell off shelves in our bedroom, usually on us when we were sleeping. Amber fares no better on shelves).
Also their litterbox has always been in another room.

I am against declawing. The featured icon is Misha (RIP). My husband dragged her out from under a car to find she was declawed, angry, and had a beebee in her head. Abandoned on the streets by owners that took the time and money to declaw her and fix her, it took Misha 9 months of living with my husband before she let him pet her.
I don't want to get the cats declawed in case something were to happen to us and the cats fell between the cracks (like running away during a house fire).

Amber doesn't acknowledge any common "knock it off" tactics that I know of so I looked for your community and I'm asking for help.

On the table right now is my husband wants to turn the area under the door into like a hardwood or tile floof. Yeah - after the roof repair, dear.

I'd heard of those claw caps via Two Lumps, but I've seen them spectacularly fail, too. With the real life lumps those 2 cats are based on. Not to mention our roommate's cat pointedly left a claw sheath or cap right in the middle of our bed like a warning a few years back. We thought it was funny.

I'm nervous about clipping. Not against it - just nervous as hell. And I don't think it would stop Amber who seems to not register pain when she runs headlong into stuff - she may attempt to shred anyway.

We currently have a throw rug tucked under the door to give them something ELSE to shred - but they actually work on it to get it out of the way. Then continue working on the floor.

All my prior cats that had claws - clawed the door. That was fine! I acknowledge 'skritch skritch' is 'let me in' and I would.
But I can't let these 2 in when they shred the carpet because then I'm rewarding their bad behavior and showing them "Yes scratch here and door will open".
If I don't let them in - they continue for 5 minutes and then wait until we make a noise like the 5am alarm going off.

Canned air under the door?
Crating? (yeah right - who crates a cat?)
Should I consider these claw sheaths?
Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
1:35 pm
oh my gosh, you guys...I found a lump on my cat's tummy. She's either pregnant or really sick. I hope she's ok. Her first vet visit is tomorrow at three. She's only 9 weeks old so i don't think she's pregnant. In her last home she did live with a male cat though. But i don't want her to be sick! I just got her 4 days ago and she's so lively and playful. She purrs alot and is soooo sweet. She deserves to live a long healthy life!

Current Mood: scared
3:32 am
yay i got a kitten!! HER NAMES FLOWER!! shes a dilute calico. is it possible for a domestic breed to have purebreed traits? like my baby relaxes in your arms, which is the trait of a ragdoll.
Friday, June 12th, 2009
7:41 am
i am getting a 2 week old kitten sunday. he and his littermates were found in a ditch, with no mother. i think that what the guy told me. anyways i know im gonna have to bottlefeed him and know i have to rub his bottom to make him go, but i was thinking if i had a nursing mother cat or at least a cat that was still lactating, even if she lost all her kits, that he wouldnt have to be bottlefed. So if you know anyone who has a cat like that please tell me. you must be in texas of course.
Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
6:40 pm
Turning outdoor kitty into indoor kitty
 Oliver, the kitty pictured in my icon is an indoor/outdoor cat.

I found him outdoors several months ago. Since, he goes to the door and makes a request to go outside. He goes out and does all his business out there.

Now, I rent an apartment which is linked/attached to someones house.

The landlord is now complaining because he's started a day care and he's now build a large sandbox area in his yard for the day care. He's threatened to have Oliver picked up by the local pound / SPCA.

I'm posting to get advice, and tips on re-training an outdoor cat to be an indoor cat. I know the landlord is okay with me bringing the cats out on harnesses and leashes.

I know Oliver "knows" how to use the litter box. He used it when I first adopted him until he decided he preferred going outside. He got injured recently in a cat fight (he's completed healed now) and for a couple days he didn't want to go outdoors and used the litter box -- however, as soon as he felt well enough he then began doing his business outside the litter box as a "mom I'm ready to go outside now".

Current Mood: calm
12:32 pm

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Has a paranormal team ever investigated the case?
If so, did they uncover any evidence?

We look forward to hearing from you!
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